IFTA Reporting Software

IFTA Reporting Software

Why would you want the software to calculate your IFTA tax? Well, if you have ever tried to do it manually, you already know. Keeping track of all the miles your trucks drive through each state, along with the gallons of fuel that they have purchased may not be a big deal if you only have a few trucks. However, once your business starts growing, it can become overwhelming, fast. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to have an IFTA Reporting app to do all those crazy calculations for you?

You may ask about an IFTA reporting service, but they can be quite expensive. In addition, you are still doing all the work, getting the information to them. So, wouldn’t you like something that is easy, reliable and secure to calculate IFTA taxes for you? If the answer is yes, we have the IFTA reporting software for you!

IFTA Manager is part of our TMS Digital Transportation Management Suite of programs. You can purchase it as a standalone or in addition to our great Dispatch program. Check out our products here: https://tms-digital.com/

IFTA Manager imports from your truck’s ELD to record the miles driven through each state. It also imports from your fuel card, to record the fuel purchases in each state. It can also import the truck’s odometer readings. This data is merged together to create trips in our IFTA reporting software. All that is left for you to do is take a peek at any data that is flagged for your attention and then run reports.

IFTA Manager downloads the most current state formulas for each quarter, directly from the IFTA Website. It is doing all the heavy lifting for you. You then have everything you need, right at your fingertips to fill out your IFTA forms.

We currently interface with Samsara, OmniTracs, Geo Tab and Keep Truckin’ ELD software, as well as nearly 30 fuel cards, for example Comdata, EFS and Fleetmaster. We can also do custom imports for your yard fuel. And we are adding more interfaces all the time.

Again, doesn’t that sound far more exciting than calculating all this manually?

Just for an idea of what is involved. I’ll just snag the top of the chart. You can see the full chart on the ITFACH.ORG website.

IFTA chart

This chart continues for the Canadian provinces and then the United States, state by state with the different rates.

Following this chart, they have special notes and explanations for different states. I will share just a few, below.


# 1 – CALIFORNIA CNG to be reported for each 100 cubic feet at standard pressure and

temperature. A blend of Alcohol when containing not more than 15%

Gasoline or Diesel should be reported as E-85 or M-85. Dimethyl

Ether (DM) and Dimethyl Ether-Liquified Petroleum Gas Blends (DME/LPG)

should be reported under Propane.

# 2 – MISSISSIPPI LNG is taxed per Diesel Gallon Equivalent beginning July 1, 2015. The

tax rate was set by the 2014 Legislative Session to be taxed at $.18

per Diesel Gallon Equivalent. A Diesel Gallon Equivalent of LNG is

measured at 6.06 lbs. CNG is sold to consumers on the Gasoline

Gallon Equivalent of 5.660 lbs. However, the tax rate is still on the

measurement of $.18 cents per hundred cubic foot. The above tax rate

converts CCF to GGE.

# 3 – MISSOURI Reporting is not required for propane &/or natural gas in the event

that proper fuel decals have been obtained. If fuel decals have not

been obtained, a fuel tax return must be completed using the $0.17

fuel tax rate.

# 4 – PENNSYLVANIA To convert CNG from standard cubic feet (scf) into Gasoline Gallon

Equivalents (GGEs), divide CNG (scf) units by 126.67. Dyed diesel

fuel or dyed kerosene consumed in PA operations, by qualified motor

vehicles authorized by the IRS to use dyed fuel on highway, is not

taxable. The Electricity tax rate is per kilowatt hours (kWh).

# 5 – ONTARIO Effective April 1, 2014, Biodiesel is a taxable product and taxed as


# 6 – MAINE CNG rate now complies with R222.

2007, diesel purchased from retail outlets on the Shoshone- Bannock

Indian Reservation is Idaho tax-paid diesel for IFTA reporting &

refund. Diesel purchased from Coeur d’Alene & Nez Perce tribe outlets

is not Idaho tax-paid diesel for IFTA reporting and refund purposes.

Questions, please call toll free 800-972-7855 ext 7855.

# 8 – ARIZONA Vehicles less than 3 axles and with declared Gross Vehicle Weight

under 26,001 lbs are taxed at $.18 per gallon.

# 9 – TENNESSEE Effective date for changes is July 1, 2019.
# 10 – MONTANA Montana no longer requires gasoline, gasohol and ethanol to be

reported on the IFTA tax return.

# 11 – WASHINGTON Bio Diesel is reported as a Special Fuel at $0.4940 a gallon and would

be reported in the Diesel column.

# 12 – NEW YORK For information on B20, see TSB-M-06(4)M, IFTA Reporting Requirements

for the Consumption of B20 in New York State. For information on CNG

and LNG, see TSB-M-13(1)M, Liquefied Natural Gas Treated the Same As

Compressed Natural Gas. Both TSB-M’s can be found at www.tax.ny.gov

# 13 – TEXAS Biodiesel, renewable diesel and blends containing biodiesel or

renewable diesel purchased in Texas must be reported under the fuel

type ?DIESEL?. Instructions for reporting biodiesel, renewable diesel

and blends are online at

https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/fuels/docs/biodiesel.pdf or call

toll free 1-800-252-1383.

We’ll stop at Texas. I think you get the gist of it. Doing manual calculations, if your fleet starts becoming sizable, will make your head hurt!

So if you want to know more about our IFTA reporting Software, IFTA Manager, click the orange button in the upper right corner and contact us today for a free demo! We look forward to talking to you!

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