TMS Dispatch

TMS Digital Dispatch is a suite of logistics solutions that make transportation management and technology easy. Our system changes to fit your operations; your operations do not change to fit the software. Other mobile and web solutions force workflow changes. TMS Digital Dispatch is flexible to fit the way you work with the systems you trust.
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TMS Dispatch

Our TMS Software Is Developed To Keep Your
Company Moving

TMS Dispatch was developed with 30 years of industry experience and thoughtful design to
allow trucking and transportation companies to do more with less.
Manage drivers

Manage Drivers

Auto Replicate repetitive orders & streamline multi-stop, multi-order deliveries.

Integrated & Customizable

Integrated and Customizable

Supports multiple ELD, EDI, fuel card, & accounting packages.

Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

Billing includes options for tariffs,
automatic rating, and custom invoices.

Smarter Logistics

Smarter Logistics

Calculate trip distance, reduce empty miles & optimize on-time delivery schedules.

Shipment Insights

Cyber Secure

Top-of-the-line malware and ransomware security and 99.99% uptime.

Shipment Insights

TL & LTL Shipment Insights

Easily create TL, LTL, split, cross-docked, deadhead, or brokered loads.

Trucking management software that is flexibledependableeffective

We are committed to integrating with the best fuel card, ELD, EDI,
and accounting packages to give you power in choice.
TMS Software That Does What It Says It Will

Customizable logistics & dispatch software that
makes every step of your business easier.

Functionality & Ease

Take control of your fleet with real-time visibility over all your vehicles. Our dispatch system is highly adaptable.

No Big Box Constraints

TMS Digital isn't a store-bought program. Other TMS companies want you to follow their product's limitations. We don't.

Fully Customizable

Customizable browser screens, buttons and menu choices. Movement Bills, Pay Sheets and invoices are also customizable. Even select field names can be changed to meet your business needs.
Functionality & Ease
Four trends for a faster monthly finance cycle

Better Billing & Faster Financing

Modernize back-office tasks like billing, AP operations, and settlement reconciliation from one central location. Use TMS's Business Intelligence to make smarter decisions.
  • Bill loads, pay employees, track general ledger accounts & post to AR, PR, & AP.
  • Break out revenue between multiple general ledger accounts and classes.
  • Automatically calculate settlements pay, as well as agent commissions.
  • Calculate driver settlements pay formulas by revenue percent, loaded miles, empty miles, and customized options.
  • We include our fuel card interface that will allow you to import advances and fuel purchases into each driver, truck  or carrier settlement for pay adjustments.

Integration Solutions

Technology is constantly evolving in the transportation industry. TMS Digital offers EDI options for load imports (204s), electronic billing (210s), and load status updates (214s).
  • Fuel card program – Import from 30+ fuel cards or set up automatic .csv file downloads from an FTP for bulk downloading.
  • Multiple Integrations Available – We support multiple ELD, EDI & accounting packages. Keep the partners you trust in a reliable and easy-to-use TMS system.
Integration Solutions


All of your reports and forms can be printed, emailed, and saved. TMS Dispatch includes numerous reports, both pre-defined and custom, with unlimited combination possibilities that can be customized per your specifications, such as:
  • Load report
  • Stop off reports
  • Commodity reports
  • Call-in reports
  • Advances reports
  • Accident summary reports
  • Print labels
  • Freight reports
  • File maintenance reports
  • Revenue reports
  • Performance reports

Why TMS Digital?

What we offer is a high quality, competitive program, excellent customer support, and a
comfortable working relationship with our customers.
True Truckers Software

Over 30 years experience in the trucking
industry, founded in Illinois.

24/7 IT Support

Customer tickets and IT issues are closed
in 12 minutes on average.

+90 NPS!

Industry-leading Net Promoter Score from
our Clients (out of -100 to +100).

No Crashes

Our team of tech experts has a 99.9%
uptime to help keep you working.

Howard Sodano
TMS-Digital is to the point; we like how it’s practicality breeds efficiency. The software allows us to manage and report our pertinent data with ease!
Howard Sodano Jr. HRS Transport
We were expanding and needed consolidated information and a tool to communicate with other tools & devices, overall wanted an affordable solution. This team provided us all.
Kevin Jackson Senior Analyst
With all the information about our shippers, drivers and trucks already at our fingertips it makes it very easy to add loads, dispatch loads and track our trucks and drivers.
Shane Baxter Lilly Trucking of Georgia

What is a dispatch software, and how does it work?

Dispatch software allows dispatchers to have more control over tracking loads, trucks and drivers.  It aids in the routing and scheduling process, saving a significant amount of time, money and labor.  This software has evolved into a perfect solution, no matter what type of hauling you do.

TMS Digital Dispatch allows you to track loads from your multiple terminals.  You can even run multiple companies, from one program and track the billing, the pay and GL accounts separately.

Why do businesses need dispatch software?

Modern trucking businesses need a Dispatch software for:

  • Tracking of Deliveries in Real-Time
  • Route Optimization for Job Allocation
  • Mobile Apps for Sorting Packages
  • Real-Time Alerts & Push Notifications
  • Driver Performance Statistics Digitized Invoicing Proof Of Delivery

Insights into Customer Satisfaction

How does the truck dispatch system work?

The TMS Digital Dispatch system helps reduce turnaround times, resulting in higher overall performance and customer satisfaction. Top dispatch management solutions shorten the drivers journey times, saving the carrier money and time. It also makes it easier for dispatchers and drivers to interact openly.

The entire logistics process gains a new level of openness due to this.  Customers may now have the option to track their packages and get updates on the status of their orders.  Dispatchers can assign cargo to available drivers or carriers, accurately.

Overall, a dispatch platform aims to improve the efficiency of the dispatch system for all stakeholders involved in the process.

Do you get real-time tracking with dispatch software?

Real-time data sharing has aided retailers in gaining client trust. Customers are more inclined to return to a business if communication is efficient and information is available in real-time. These days, live monitoring of the shipped goods has become more of a must. Automated notifications, such as SMS or email, also play an essential role.

Is it possible to track the status of my assets’ locations on the road?

Yes, TMS Digital offers a pair of mobile apps to help keep track of the progress and status of the load and the current locations of your drivers.  Note:  Drivers must have their device’s location turned on for accurate information.  We offer a dispatch app, TMS Trucker Connected Carrier (TTCC) which works in conjunction with our TMS Trucker Connected Driver (TTCD) app.

Is tech support available?

Yes, the TMS Digital Trucking software support team prides itself on quick responses and solutions. We are available 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM Central, Monday – Friday. IT Support is available 24/7.

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