TMS dispatch is a comprehensive truck driving directions and dispatch system that can compute miles and build Class 8 routes to over 1,000,000 places across North America and calculate both industry standard commercial and practical miles. This truck routing software solution analyzes commercial vehicle restrictions such as height restrictions, low weight bridges, low underpasses, seasonal road closures and avoids toll highways to develop safe truck routes for commercial vehicles.

How do you calculate the cost of a mile?

Divide your monthly spending by the number of miles you drove that month to get your cost per mile. If your total expenses were $3,000 and you drove 10,000 miles, your cost per mile would be $0.30.

What is the formula for calculating mileage?

The following is the formula for calculating gas mileage: Gallons used to refill the tank vs miles driven. Divide the number of miles driven (from the trip computer) by the number of gallons used to fill the tank.

How to calculate trucking freight rates?

The cost of trucking is determined per mile. To begin, calculate the distance between the beginning and ending points. To assess your trucker freight rate, divide the total amount by the number of miles between destinations.

What is the best way to keep track of my mileage at work?

Every time one of your vehicles is utilized for business, you accrue business miles. These miles can be manually tracked with your odometer, spreadsheet, expenditure system, or paper logbook. You can also use a mileage monitoring tool to follow them automatically.

Why calculating the total cost per mile is essential?

You can profit from knowing your trucking company’s cost per mile in various ways. It assists you in identifying expenditure trends and areas where you may make cuts if necessary. You may also use cost per mile to figure out what per-mile fee to charge shippers. Knowing your company’s operating expenses per mile provides you with the data you need to succeed.

Take on more work if your cost per mile appears to be too high. This would improve revenue, and help lower your cost per mile. While extra work will increase your variable expenses, your fixed costs will remain the same.

Our truck mileage calculator also includes the following features:

  • Ensures that tax calculations are correct. You don’t want to pay too much in taxes or pay too little fines and penalties. Our calculator calculates mileages with extreme precision. The program also tracks them to the tenth of a mile, and it won’t round them off until they’re all totaled and ready for your IFTA form, thereby removing any additional miles from your calculations.
  • It simplifies the payment process. Tired of sifting through paper logs to figure out what the driver owes? Are you tired of filling out forms and making all kinds of calculations when it comes to payday? Using the TMS Dispatch’s truck distance calculator, calculating by-mile payments is quick and straightforward.
  • It helps you save money and time. Our mileage calculator can assist you in determining more efficient routes as well as providing instructions for those routes. This reduces mileage, fuel expenses, and taxes while also allowing you to transport cargo more quickly and efficiently.