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TMS Digital is a logistics solution suite that makes transportation management and technology easy. Our systems are customized to fit your operations; your operations do not change to fit the software. TMS Digital was developed with over 30 years of industry experience and thoughtful design to allow trucking and transportation companies to do more with less.  TMS Digital blends the dependability of a traditional TMS with the hassle-free experience of protected-cloud technology.  The TMS Digital boasts top-of-the-line security, one of the fastest remote-work platforms in the industry, and 99.99% uptime. We guarantee that your systems will always be available.  Streamlines all logistic operations, including billing along with settlement with TMS Dispatch.

Make IFTA reporting easier with IFTA Manager. Get more out of your fleet and avoid high repair costs with TMS Equipment Maintenance. Our proven solutions help ease the administrative burden of compliance and security processes by automating key business processes and increasing efficiency. Remote access and the TTC mobile app let users auto-share reports and signed invoices from anywhere in the country. TMS Protected Desktop ensures that sensitive data on your employee’s devices – laptops, smartphones, and tablets – is safe, ransom-free, encrypted, and that only authorized users may access it. TMS Digital has the flexibility and affordable packages to help transportation companies of all sizes tackle inefficiencies, streamline processes, and improve performance.

When you compare the cost of other options, combined with a server, hosting, virus and ransomware protection, data backups, and 24-hour technical support – TMS Digital is a clear choice.

Mission Statement

TMS Digital’s mission is to make truckers’ lives easier and accelerate the transportation industry with innovative, reliable, and secure technology solutions. Our goal is to help your business grow with passion, responsibility, and integrity.


Over the last 35 years, TMS has gone through a number of transformations to become the company we are today.  It was the late 80’s Elkville, Illinois, when founder Bob Berner was writing his first program in dBase. He used his family’s farming background to focus on a crop duster management program. People started to take an interest, and Berner hired a few programmers and technicians. TMS was born. The company’s first office was a remodeled barn behind Berner’s house.

We lost Bob to a plane accident in the late ’90s. That is when our lead programmer, Shawn O’Neil, took over the company, and we became Custom Software Solutions, Inc. The software, by then, had grown to multiple modules along with the original dispatch program. We had an Equipment Maintenance, Ticket Freight Billing, Mileage and Fuel Tax, EDI interface, and Driver Log program.

In 2020 Richard Luna and his team at Protected Harbor saw the potential in the team and the product and jumped on the opportunity to bring TMS into the Protected Harbor family.  Protected Harbor intertwined its technology and expertise with TMS Digital to deliver the best of both worlds. TMS Digital provided ultimate solutions for the trucking industry, and Protected Harbor made it even better by adding reliability, durability, unmatched uptime, safety, and remote support to the equation.

Unmatched customer satisfaction with a 90 NPS

The Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, indicates how likely a customer is to recommend a product or service. It is the gold standard for measuring customer experience. You deserve more than good enough. When you partner with TMS Digital, you’ll work with people that are exceptional. TMS Digital’s value proposition is defined by our customer-first focus. When you work with TMS Digital, you work with a team dedicated to customer satisfaction.

NPS score
Howard Sodano
TMS-Digital is to the point; we like how it’s practicality breeds efficiency. The software allows us to manage and report our pertinent data with ease!
Howard Sodano Jr. HRS Transport
We were expanding and needed consolidated information and a tool to communicate with other tools & devices, overall wanted an affordable solution. This team provided us all.
Kevin Jackson Senior Analyst
With all the information about our shippers, drivers and trucks already at our fingertips it makes it very easy to add loads, dispatch loads and track our trucks and drivers.
Shane Baxter Lilly Trucking of Georgia

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