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Advanced Fleet Management
That Grows With You

Track vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving with TMS Digital fleet management solutions.
  • Maintenance
  • ELD compliance
  • Fuel tax calculation
  • Dispatch & workflow
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We integrate with multiple eldsfuel cardsmileages

TMS Digital was designed to give transportation companies flexibility and choice. We proudly integrate with all your favorite tools and services.

We have the solution needed to make any job easier

Trucking management software

TMS Dispatch

Manage your Trucking & Dispatch business in one place.

Trucking management software

TMS Tickets

Flexible Bulk / Short Hauling Tickets Software.

TMS ifta

IFTA Manager

Simple and automated IFTA fuel tax reporting.

TMS trucker

TMS Trucker

TMS Trucker app for Carriers and Drivers.


TMS Protected Desktop

Security, efficiency, & mobility in a single desktop system.


TMS Equipment Maintenance

A customized truck, tractor and trailer maintenance solution.

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An end-to-end TMS solution for all

Developed with over 30 years of trucking experience & thoughtful design to help transportation companies do more with less.
  • 1

    Stay on top of your operations with real-time logistics.

  • 2

    From split-loads to route updates and repairs make the day easier.

  • 3

    Protected by the most advanced encryption and security protocols.

TMS Dispatch

A customized and simple solution for managing your trucking business, featuring dispatching, shipper fulfillment, driver settlements, and invoicing.
  • Easily accessible
  • Smarter logistics
  • Customized for you
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Trucking management software

IFTA Manager

Our easy-to-use reporting program streamlines your fuel tax reporting. We integrate with multiple fuel cards and ELD’s. Keep everything under one roof.
  • Automatically update IFTA rates
  • Instant error check on fuel and trip
  • Generate accurate IFTA reports in minutes
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TMS Tickets

TMS Digital Tickets is being used by over 20,000 truck owners who want to eliminate errors, increase efficiency, and streamline their business operations.
  • Billing all your tickets on one invoice
  • Perfect for repetitive, short-load hauling
  • Auto-rate haul charges by miles, gallons, etc
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Trucking management software
Trucking management software

TMS Trucker

TMS Carrier Connect and TMS Trucker Connect are made to work together and act as a mobile dispatch, logistics, and communication dispatch program.
  • Real-time GPS updates
  • Secure messaging and file transfers
  • Segment pre-dispatched, active & finished loads
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TMS Protected Desktop

Blends the dependability of traditional transportation applications with the hassle-free experience of secure remote desktop technology.
  • 99.99% application uptime
  • Ransomware and malware protection
  • The benefits of an in-house IT employee, without the cost
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protected desktop
Trucking management software

TMS Equipment Maintenance

Cost-effective equipment maintenance management services help your organization achieve smarter asset utilization and higher reliability.
  • Repair orders & reports
  • Inventory management system
  • Maintenance & mileage tracking
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TMS Driver Safety

In-depth driver information program that allows you to maintain a vast volume of information on each driver and ensure safety.
  • Maintain driver records
  • Manage DOT compliance
  • Manage risk and safety in real-time
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We make full use of the way we quickly arrive at decisions. We are certified by Bureau Veritas
Quality International (BVQI) in accordance with Sn En ISo 14001:2004.
Howard Sodano

TMS-Digital is to the point; we like how it’s practicality breeds efficiency. The software allows us to manage and report our pertinent data with ease!

Excellent team!!! 🏆
Howard Sodano Jr.HRS Transport

We like how easy the Dispatch software is for our daily use. With all the information about our shippers, drivers and trucks already at our fingertips it makes it very easy to add loads, dispatch loads and track our trucks and drivers.

Great Company
Shane Baxter.Lilly Trucking of Georgia

We were expanding and needed consolidated information and a tool to communicate with other tools & devices, overall wanted an affordable solution. This team provided us all.

Awesome work!
Kevin JacksonCEO Liquid Cargo

Track, manage, protect. It all starts here.

Explore the power of TMS Digital. We also offer a comprehensive range of services that include
Google Distance Matrix, Protected Phones, and Protected Books.

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