Truckload 2022: Interview with Richard Luna on BCB Live

Truckload 2022 with Richard Luna

As cybersecurity continues to be a challenge in the transportation industry, technology plays a larger role in streamlining processes and making real-time communication easier. Check out this interview with Richard Luna, CEO of TMS-Digital, on their recent appearance on BCB Live. They discuss innovations in the truckload industry that are helping to ease the transportation industry with innovations and security measures. Read on to learn more about how TMS-Digital is changing the face of the trucking industry and where they see things going from here…

Rich, can you tell us a little about your background and what TMS-Digital does?

I have been in business for over 25 years and have helped hundreds of companies clear their IT worries. I am currently the CEO of TMS-Digital. Our company provides cybersecurity solutions for the commercial sector, including transportation. We help our clients stay secure in this new digital world by providing them with real-time situational awareness and threat detection. We help them to respond to incidents in real-time and mitigate them before they become a severe problem. We also provide compliance solutions to help companies stay compliant with data privacy and security regulations.

We are dealing with the vulnerabilities of our modern-day computers and systems.

As we bring more and more systems online, we see more significant points of vulnerability within our systems. If hackers can figure out how to get into our systems, they can do real damage. We can protect ourselves from these vulnerabilities by ensuring we are implementing best practices and keeping our systems up to date. We also have to make sure that we are monitoring our data and looking at the data that we have to see if we have any patterns or anomalies that could lead to a breach or compromise of our data.

Security will be a major issue moving forward.

There is no doubt that security will become a major issue moving forward. Companies will need to protect their data and their customers’ data. They will also need to protect their physical assets. And they will need to make sure that their employees are safe. Doing all this while keeping the business running smoothly is a huge challenge. Fortunately, we have the technology and tools to help us meet these challenges. We can protect our data and our assets with the right cybersecurity solutions. We also have the technology to help us protect our employees while letting them do their jobs. We can even help them communicate in real-time and stay safe.

Holistically looking at the technological environment.

It is essential to look at the technological environment holistically. Every system is connected to every other system, and one breach can have a cascading effect and infect other systems. We need to look at the connections between our systems, who has access to those systems, and what data those systems store. By looking at the connections between the systems, we can see where the vulnerabilities are and how we can protect against them. We can also see where we can close the gaps and strengthen our systems. This helps us prevent breaches.


Truckload 2022 with Richard Luna inner

What are some of the ways technology is changing the way trucking operates?

There has been a lot of innovation in the trucking industry over the past few years. This change has been driven by the need for efficiency, customer service, and cost savings. Companies are trying to get their operations down to a science, using technology to do this. Technology is changing the trucking industry, including real-time communication, automation, and connectivity. These technologies help companies get their operations flowing smoothly. They also help them speed up their processes and allow them to make better decisions.

Quick tips to implement now and stay protected.

Here are some quick tips by Richard to implement now and stay protected:

  • Regular Updates- Stay up to date on your software, firewalls, antivirus, and operating systems. Many companies release patches and updates to protect you against the latest threats. You can also use a cybersecurity solution that will help you keep your software up to date.
  • Isolated Backups- The goal of isolating backup is to have secondary and tertiary copies of backup storage targets segmented and unreachable from the public portions of the environment.
  • Make sure you have the right cybersecurity tools for your business. Also, ensure you have the right people and processes to protect you and stay on top of your company’s security posture.
  • Implement a cybersecurity management system that will allow you to track your processes and progress as you try to become more secure.
  • Employee Awareness Training- Implement a cybersecurity training program to make sure your employees know what they need to do to protect the company.
  • Vulnerability Testing- Get your company tested for vulnerabilities. This will let you know where you need to focus your efforts and where the most significant holes in your system are.



Cybersecurity is a critical issue that every business needs to be aware of. Companies need to understand the threats and how they can protect their data. This is especially true in the transportation industry, where real-time communication is crucial to providing a high-quality customer experience. The good news is that there are tools and technologies available that can help protect organizations and their customers. Organizations need to know where they can improve and how they can protect against the threat of cyberattacks.

TMS-Digital is a full-service transportation company with a team of experts in transportation solutions, software engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. We have a proven track record of developing innovative software products for clients across various domains. With the advent of new technologies and increasing demands on the transport industry, we are helping clients stay ahead of the curve by developing solutions for their specific needs.

Find the right solution for your business needs and get a free audit. Stay protected and keep up with the latest technology with TMS-Digital. Contact us today!

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