TMS Fuel Card Interface

TMS Fuel Card Interface

Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are a necessity for any trucking company. Fuel and oil for tractors can be easily purchased by your drivers, as well as cash advances. In addition, fuel cards can be used for truck maintenance and repair.

TMS Digital Dispatch comes with a Fuel Card Management app that lets you download your fuel transactions and import cash advances and fuel purchases directly into the TMS Dispatch program. They are then used for driver and owner-operator Settlement pay adjustments. Your drivers will be paid using Dispatch Settlements, and all adjustments for cash and fuel will be imported automatically. Forget about forgetting to adjust their pay or to reimburse them.

While we, here at TMS Digital, cannot tell you what the best fuel card for truckers is, we can tell you what fuel card interfaces we offer:

  • Comdata
  • EFS
  • T-chek
  • TCH
  • Transcheck
  • FleetOne
  • FuelMan
  • MultiForce
  • In House Phoenix Fuel
  • Custom Fuelman
  • Yard Fuel Import (custom)
  • Pilot CSV
  • Many more, including custom interfaces

Therefore, while we would never presume to tell you what the best fuel card for your business is, we can tell you about the best fuel card interface program! TMS Digital Fuel Card Interface is the perfect tool to enhance your TMS Digital Dispatch program! And it is included!

Like our IFTA Manager program, which is used for fuel tax reporting, Fuel Card has built-in tools to help you identify problematic fuel purchases. For example, we offer color-coding to identify missing or erroneous data, such as driver info, truck numbers or an absent fuel supplier.

Fuel Card is set up to import transactions from your trucking company’s fuel card provider. This works by downloading files via FTP or running a fuel card report by logging into your fuel card company.  Just save the file in a .csv format and import it right into the fuel card.  We will show you how!

The TMS Digital Fuel Card Interface has safeguards built-in, for example, color coding to alert you to missing information, as mentioned above.  If you are one of our customers using our older Mileage and Fuel Tax program, you can run the Uncommitted Fuel Transaction report to view fuel that has not, as of yet, been recorded for IFTA reporting. I would also be remiss if I did not mention our IFTA Manager program, which combines the Fuel Card and Mileage and Fuel Tax programs for IFTA fuel tax reporting.

Fuel Card is easy to use.  Simply import your fuel from your fuel card company by one of the methods mentioned above.  Review it for any possible missing data, edit and make corrections if necessary. Hit the Mark button or Space bar to highlight the fuel record you want to export to Dispatch.  Or click the Mark All button.  Then click the Send2DP button, and the records will be transferred to TMS Dispatch and flagged as exported.

When you proceed to do your Dispatch Settlements, the fuel purchases that need subtracted or reimbursed will show up in Owner Operator Settlements.  Cash advances taken out by the drivers and owner-operators will appear in the adjustment screen for adjusting their remaining payments.  One great thing about Dispatch Settlements is that 1) we can interface with many different accounting packages, including but not limited to QuickBooks, MS Dynamics, and Mas 90, to name a few,  and 2) and in addition, when a cash advance is taken out of drivers pay, it doesn’t mess up his W2 or 1099 taxable amount.  The total taxable pay will be exported to the linked accounting package and the remaining net pay.

Fuel Card even offers an interface to your Accounts Payable software for those who prefer that over waiting for the Fuel Card invoice.  This can be tracked to a specific Fuel Card GL account, as can the fuel card transactions adjusted during the settlement process.

Fuel Card and our TMS Digital Dispatch software are part of our entire Transportation Management Software Suite.  As mentioned above, we also offer an IFTA reporting application, IFTA Manager.   An Equipment Maintenance program to track your truck repairs and services.  A Driver Safety package, one of the most organized pieces of software you will ever own, for tracking details about your driver, including drug testing, licensing, physicals, and much more.  EDI interfaces are available for our TMS Dispatch program, including 204s, 210s, 214s, and 990/997s. In addition, a great Tickets software for short-haul or dump truck hauling.

All of our TMS Digital software applications are hosted on highly secured servers.  We pride ourselves on our 99.99% uptime, 24/7 IT support, and most of all, the security of all data stored on our systems.  Know that your information is stored on secure, Virus, Ransomware, and Malware free servers. Bonus, you can access your data from anywhere you have internet access and know you are protected!

TMS Digital has friendly and prompt technical support.  No waiting days for callbacks.  We respond to our clients in an hour or less!

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