TMS Digital Maintenance can be used stand alone or in companion with many of our other modules.

Interesting facts about Maintenance!
You can have multiple companies (under one module) you just choose which company as you enter the Module! Each company can have it’s own set of accounting information. Each company can have its own set of data files OR share some of the files such as Equipment, Customers, Vendors and Parts.

You can have multiple Shops with or without having multiple companies. As always we pride ourselves on being flexible according to each of our customers needs.

Maintenance has User-defined Additional Fluids Tracking. You can track up to three fluids, in addition to fuel and oil in the Maintenance Mileage section. It includes Amount, Rate & Cost. This information can be included on your Maintenance Reports.

Bonus feature if you also have our Dispatch Module, you can view the Pending PM’s on your tractors and trailers in the Dispatch browsers. Please contact the TMS Digital support team to set up that feature!

Click Here for Admin Tools Menu Help (PDF file)

Click Here for Mileage and Fuel Ticket Help (PDF file)

Click Here for Setting up Preventive Maintenance (PM’s) Help (PDF file)

Click Here for Setting up Shops and Mechanics (PDF file)

Click Here for The Utilities Menu Help (PDF file)

Click Here for Using Indirect Labor Help (PDF file)

Click Here for Vehicle and Equipment Setup Help (PDF file)

Click Here for Maintenance Label Printing (PDF file)

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