Trucking Industry is Essential: The Top 5 Reasons Why‍

Trucking Industry is Essential: The Top 5 Reasons Why‍

Trucking is unquestionably one of the most important industries in the world today, supporting the seamless operation of other sectors due to its crucial position in the supply chain. Every day, drivers transport many sensitive, flammable, and heavy items over endless miles, enabling factories, supermarkets, and other outlets to run smoothly.

According to, nearly every good consumed in the U.S. is put on a truck at some point. As a result, the trucking industry hauled 72.5% of all freight transported in the United States in 2019, equating to 11.84 billion tons. The trucking industry was a $791.7 billion industry in that same year, representing 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill.

So, do truck drivers qualify as an essential workforce? They are. These professionals sacrifice necessary family time and spend many hours driving to deliver the supplies that entire towns need. However, despite their difficulties, these professionals have figured out how to adapt to a demanding lifestyle and enjoy long drives.

If you’re one of those who think truckers aren’t a necessary part of business, then read on to discover why the trucking industry is essential: the top 5 reasons and what it means for your business moving forward.

1. Deliver various goods

According to statistics, there are thousands of truck drivers in the US, with the bulk operating large vehicles transporting substantial amounts of freight. They carry everything from everyday foods and drinks to autos and chemicals.  Additionally, they take many precautions for each delivery to prevent cargo loss or damage.

Without these committed people, items would not arrive at their intended location. Nothing would be stocked in retail stores, grocery stores, and other outlets they deliver to if the industry went on strike, even for a day.

2. They Handle the Heavy Lifting

All businesses need to move goods from one place to another, which can be difficult when the goods are large or heavy. Trucks are ideal for transporting heavy and bulky goods because they are built with a high level of strength and are fully equipped with the necessary safety features. Trust us when we say it is one of the most critical reasons truckers are essential.

Because the trucking industry is such an essential part of business, it is regulated by the government. Without the government’s regulations, the industry would have no standard by which to operate and would be in complete chaos. For example, truckers must follow a set of rules when it comes to their hours of service.

Without these rules, truckers would be tired on the road, which can cause accidents.

3. Help businesses connect

Trucks are utilized by business owners operating e-commerce websites to transfer freight from one warehouse to another in addition to selling goods to traditional stores, eateries, and other industries. Large items like furniture, cars, etc., are also delivered to consumers’ homes by these businesses.

If companies opted to work together, they would also require dependable logistics and transportation to make the relationship succeed. Trucking businesses can frequently assist in achieving this by offering reliable drivers and suitable trucks for the job.

4. They Help Maintain Order in Warehouses5-Reasons-Why-The-Trucking-Industry-is-Essential-middle-image

The trucking industry also plays a significant role in maintaining order in warehouses that store and distribute goods. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on just-in-time inventory (JIT) or Just-in-Sequence Inventory (JIS). Obviously, these businesses need to have their goods delivered and stored at specific times to be shipped to customers on time.

However, this can be extremely difficult to maintain when goods are stored in large warehouses with all sorts of products. This is where the trucking industry comes in. By maintaining orders in warehouses, truckers ensure that goods are delivered on time, which means that businesses can ship their products to their customers on schedule.

5. They Help Maintain a Healthy Economy

Whenever a new product comes to the market, its demand can cause the economy to grow. This can be seen with everything from the advent of personal computers to the advent of smartphones. However, for this technology to be feasible, it must be transported to customers.

This is where the trucking industry comes into play. By transporting new and high-demand products to customers and businesses, the trucking industry can help the economy grow and thrive. This is particularly important for new industries that are just starting.

For example, when the self-driving car was first introduced, some people weren’t sure if it was feasible. However, trucking companies helped to make this technology viable by transporting the cars to customers.


Final Thoughts

The trucking industry is a vital industry with an important job that many people do not understand. The driver’s position is much more complicated than the public might think, and many people quickly assume what it takes to be a truck driver. We’ve explained why truckers and the trucking industry are essential for our economy, and you must treat them accordingly.

The trucking industry is a vital part of business logistics and our economy. Without the significant contribution of truck drivers, we would be at a more substantial disadvantage and unable to move as much freight to our customers as we do.

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