ATA’s LEAB Backs Initiative to Promote Safe Driving

ATA's LEAB Backs Initiative to Promote Safe Driving- Featured

As the wheels of progress keep turning and our nation’s roads continue to connect us all, the importance of safe and responsible driving practices cannot be overstated. During Operation Safe Driver Week, a vital public safety initiative led by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, a resounding call to action echoes through the corridors of road safety.

The American Trucking Associations’ Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) is at the forefront of this movement. This dynamic force emerged in 2021 with a mission to strengthen the bonds between the trucking industry and the law enforcement community. United by a shared commitment to promoting safety on our nation’s highways, the LEAB comprises dedicated members who bring a wealth of experience from federal, state, and local law enforcement sectors. This diverse assembly also includes current and retired law enforcement officials who have served or continue to serve within Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs).

With a singular vision of fostering safer roadways and a common purpose transcending organizational boundaries, the LEAB embodies the power of collaboration and collective dedication. In this exploration, we uncover the driving force behind this partnership, delve into the essence of Operation Safe Driver Week, and embrace the broader journey toward a future where roads are not only pathways of progress but also corridors of unwavering safety.



Fred Fakkema, the chairman of the LEAB and VP of safety and compliance at Zonar Systems, emphasized the critical importance of safe driving: “Unsafe drivers endanger their own lives as well as the lives of others. Law enforcement professionals remain vigilant every minute to avert collisions by pulling over distracted or aggressive drivers. Operation Safe Driver Week brings safety to the forefront, prompting all drivers to reflect on their role in forging safer roads.”


Mark Savage, former CVSA president and first vice chair of the LEAB, highlighted the significance of the upcoming week: “Operation Safe Driver Week plays a pivotal role in ensuring road safety. While most fleets prioritize safety, the heightened patrol presence will reinforce responsible driving practices and target those flouting road regulations.”


Steve Dowling, second vice chair of the LEAB and director of enterprise safety training at Covenant Logistics, stressed the collective responsibility for road safety: “The well-being of our roadways hinges on each individual’s safe driving choices. Operation Safe Driver Week casts a spotlight on safety, combining education and enforcement to amplify the efforts of dedicated police officers and state troopers who tirelessly protect our communities.”


Glen Kirk, a professional driver from Old Dominion Freight Line and a member of Share the Road, highlighted the inclusive nature of the initiative: “Our roads demand a joint effort for safety, regardless of the vehicle – be it a car, truck, or motorcycle. Operation Safe Driver Week serves as a crucial reminder for all drivers to remain attentive and uphold safe driving practices during this week and throughout the year.”

ATA's LEAB Backs Initiative to Promote Safe Driving- Middle

Operation Safe Driver Week’s Impactful Drive

From July 9th to 15th, Operation Safe Driver Week successfully unfolded across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This impactful initiative strives to enhance driving behaviors and curtail accidents by employing a multifaceted approach that combines insightful informational efforts, vigilant traffic enforcement strategies, and favorable engagements with law enforcement personnel. Moreover, it seeks to foster a culture of responsible driving through constructive interactions.

A pivotal component of this program involves disseminating crucial knowledge to young individuals and the general public, emphasizing the harmonious coexistence of various road users, particularly when sharing thoroughfares with substantial trucks and buses.

Hazy driving conduct involves a range of actions, such as inconsiderate lane changes, reckless passing or turns, operating a vehicle while influenced by drugs or alcohol, utilizing handheld devices while driving, and neglecting to utilize seat belts. Notably, this year’s campaign emphasizes discouraging the peril of speeding, underlining its significant role in road safety improvement. Through Operation Safe Driver Week, an unwavering commitment to cultivating responsible driving practices and forging a safer road environment is palpable.


Startling Statistics

Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities at 42,795, Operation Safe Driver Week Targets Unsafe Driving”

Recent data from the NHTSA reveals a grim reality, with an estimated 42,795 lives lost in motor vehicle traffic crashes during the past year.

Key findings indicate that speed contributed to 1 in 4 crash fatalities, while the toll of distracted driving resulted in over 3,000 lives lost annually. Equally alarming, a staggering 28 lives are claimed daily due to drunk driving incidents.

To combat these distressing trends, rigorous measures are being taken. Those who engage in unsafe driving will face the consequences as law enforcement officers are determined to pull over and issue tickets to offenders. The impact of such actions was evident during the previous year’s Operation Safe Driver Week, where officers across the U.S. and Canada conducted over 35,000 stops involving commercial motor vehicles and passenger cars. This proactive effort resulted in 26,164 warnings and citations, showcasing a resolute commitment to curbing hazardous driving practices.


Final Words

Speed, distracted driving, and the devastating consequences of impaired driving underscore the critical importance of campaigns like Operation Safe Driver Week. The tireless efforts of law enforcement officers serve as a beacon of hope, aiming to create a safer environment for all road users.

As a prominent trucking solutions provider in the US, our unwavering commitment to safety, adherence to rules, and compliance with regulations set a commendable example for others. By prioritizing these principles, TMS-Digital exemplifies how responsible driving practices can be integral to a larger mission of fostering secure and efficient transportation systems.

Furthermore, we thank the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) for spearheading Operation Safe Driver Week and fostering a collective consciousness about road safety. The continuous efforts of organizations like CVSA and industry leaders underscore the significance of collaborative endeavors in creating a safer driving landscape for everyone.

As we navigate the roads ahead, let us remember that each responsible choice we make contributes to preserving lives, preventing accidents, and constructing a road network where safety is paramount. Through ongoing awareness, enforcement, and partnership, we can aspire to a future where every journey is a testament to the shared commitment to road safety and responsible driving.

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