Edi Sets have a number associated with them – We commonly set up these types but other shippers may have additional requirements.

204 is the “Load Tender” from your EDI Partner
990 is the “Response to a Load Tender” in which you can accept or Reject a Load
214 is a “Load Status Update” to alert the Partner when the Load has been picked up or Delivered, a Delay has occurred, the ETA has been changed, or any other information the Partner may need
210 is the “Invoice” sent back to the Partner after the Load is finished
997 is a “Functional Acknowledgement” response that says you received a File from the Partner (like a 204, for example) or the Partner Received a File from You (like a 210 or 214)
The GET.bat is a ftp script file that can be used to import (download) the 204s (this may have different names at different customer sites)

To Resend a 210

Press 2 on the mark loads for reinvoicing screen
Note* – There is no 210 button, but there is a 214 button