Fuel Card

The TMS-Digital Fuel Card program is a seamless interface that pulls downloads from card companies and transfers fuel purchase information and cash advance data directly into TMS-Digital Dispatch and our Mileage and Fuel Tax program.

Receives up-to-date fuel purchase information.

Receives up-to-date driver advance information.

Full edit and
auditing of imported information.

Cross reference card suppliers with TMS supplier file.


TMS-Digital Fuel Card lets you download fuel purchases and cash advances from your fuel card provider. These show up as advances, to be deducted from driver pay or reimbursed to your owner-operator settlements. Fuel Card also exports the fuel purchases into the TMS Digital Mileage and Fuel Tax program for fuel tax reporting. Our Fuel Card software interfaces with most popular Fuel Card providers including: ComData, T-chek, EFS, Fleet One, Fuelman, TCH, TransPlatinum, Multi Force, Multi-Service, and more! If your Fuel Card provider creates a file, we can import it.

TMS-Digital Fuel Card software is included with your TMS-Digital Dispatch purchase.


Why use a Fuel Card?

Using fuel cards can reduce the cost of filling up your vehicles, as most of them are only valid at discounted or partnered fuel stations. Using fuel cards for truckers also simplifies the administration and accounting process for Driver and owner/operator settlements.

Company fuel cards, also called fleet cards, are limited only to payments for topping off the vehicle’s fuel tank, unlike business debit or credit cards. Furthermore, most providers allow you to assign the fuel cards to specific drivers and trucks.

Using a fuel card also gives you digital fuel purchase details, in case the driver loses the fuel receipts. Also helpful for those pesky audits!