Dump trucks are enthralling beasts. While not as large or strong as Class 8 trucks transporting freight across the country, dump trucks play a vital role in society as vehicles ferry raw materials to and from building sites. Their services will be in high demand for a very long time because of their capacity to provide raw materials fast and efficiently. TMS-Digital offers dump hauling companies unique and personalized solutions.


What is dump truck hauling?

Dump truck hauling services provide you with a professional that can handle your garbage with heavy machinery and a well-planned strategy.

These contractors are hired for a variety of jobs. Whether you need a single truck or a fleet of trucks, you may contact one of these firms for assistance.

What do dump trucks have in common?

Most dump trucks have an open-box bed and use hydraulics to function. Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Freightliner, CAT, Kenworth, and International Trucks are among the dump truck manufacturers in the United States. You’ll have to decide whether to buy a new vehicle used at auction or through a dealer when looking for one. While there are many various types of cars, manufacturers allow you to customize each one to meet your individual needs.

What should you consider before getting a dump truck?

Consider some additional critical considerations before purchasing a dump truck. One of the most important characteristics is safety, and you’ll want to make sure your new dump truck complies with all federal and state regulations. Consider the payload your dump truck will be transporting. If you need to transport large rocks or heavy materials, a dump truck with a steel dump body is the way to go. If you frequently transport sand or other lightweight goods, an aluminum body will suffice and save you money on fuel.

What are some of our features for dump truck businesses?

  • Fully indigenous – as a result, it may be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Keep track of Dump Truck utilization in terms of:

Dump Truck Operating Hours

Dump Truck’s Location

  • The Dump Truck provides information such as oil level, brake fluid level, battery level, fuel level, and prospective faults.
  • Count of up-downs
  • Email daily/weekly reports to:

Idle time/running hours

Hours spent in operation For maintenance purposes, take a meter reading.

Other information based on usage

  • Operational parameters such as RPM monitoring receive daily alerts of:

Maintenance is required based on battery voltage, speed, and other factors.

Theft of fuel/removed Notifications.